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The Adventure Begins!

Hello and welcome to Adventures Found! You’re reading my weekly blog post on my new website and I’d like to include my message from the ‘About’ page here to introduce myself a bit more:

‘So you like adventure too? Awesome! Welcome to my blog site, the base camp of my adventures captured with word, photos, and video. Now that we are friends, I should tell you a bit about myself and what you should expect to gain from my blogs, vlogs (video blog), photos and videos.

As a young boy, I adventured with my parents and siblings by camping and fishing across Ohio, and traveling to other states to explore natural places. My father was an avid reader of outdoors magazines and newspapers. He also kept a few notes on our fishing success and mother always had her trusty old flash bulb camera in hand while on our travels. From this my curiosity and enthusiasm to document my travels grew. I became a father in 1990 and I started and maintained a journal of my young family as the adventures continued. In 2001, my first outdoors story was published on a website of a small publication. Following that, I landed a weekly outdoors column in a local, weekly newspaper. Then a local, daily newspaper was in need of an outdoors columnist and I landed that gig. A few years later, my journalistic skills improved and soon my work appeared in various outdoors and travel magazines, on websites of major media outlets such as ESPN Outdoors, and I became a weekly blogger for Bass Pro Shops covering hiking, camping, and adventure travel.

With print media becoming less popular with our society, I’ve turned my focus to the electronic format and social media. The subjects that I write and video about will now be in your hands within a click of mouse or a swipe of finger on your mobile device. Those subjects are: travel documentaries and destination reviews, interviews with experts in various outdoors fields such as wildlife and wild lands management, news and current events that impact the environment and natural resources, gear reviews, tips to help you adventure more no matter what your physical abilities are, and a steady dose of fun entertainment. My intent for my blog and social media pages and channels is to become a place where you can connect and interact, and follow along to learn and be entertained. Please subscribe to my social media sources by following the links below.

I hope this blog and supporting social media sources encourage you to get out and find adventures of your own. And when you do, I would enjoy hearing about it.

So there you have it and I’m thrilled to be expanding the opportunities for you to discover ideas and sources for you to explore your own adventures. Will I be exploring exotic places that are difficult for most people to visit, such as floating the Amazon River in Brazil? Not likely. Will I be capturing video from the summit of Mount Everest? Again, not likely. But what I will be exploring and sharing with you, are adventures that are accessible within reason by means of economical travel and a reasonable budget. What if you or a family member has a disability? My father was a leg amputee, so I’m aware of the challenges that disabilities cause, but avoiding adventures is not acceptable. I will cover adventures for all physical abilities and ages. Some adventures will be found in your neck of the woods, some will require an entertaining road trip or airplane ride.

I’ll also cover current events that impact our natural world from natural disasters to government regulations (some think they are similar). I’m on dozens of press release lists of various state and national agencies, and I will pass on useful information as it rolls in to my email box. Interviews with experts will reveal behind the scenes actions that make our natural resources and adventure destinations so exciting.

Gear reviews from hiking boots to backpacks, fishing rods to new lure designs, tents to sleeping pads, snorkel masks to waterproof cameras, and gear items that are fresh off of the inventing table, will be posted regularly. Also, tips and techniques to enhance your hiking, fly fishing, camping, and adventure traveling will be a regular addition to the blog and my social media pages and channels.

One of my favorite elements of being a writer and author, are the questions and suggestions I receive from readers and viewers. So expect the occasional Question and Answer session on my YouTube channel (follow link found on this page), with a few highlights from those posted here in the blog section. Q and A’s are always a fun time.

Wednesday. Make a mental note. Expect a new blog post each Wednesday. If you subscribe to my mailing list using the sign up box on my blog page, you’ll receive an update that a new blog post has arrived. I also encourage you to subscribe to my YouTube Channel to catch my latest vlog (video blog). Those are only about ten minutes long or so, so you can enjoy those on a lunch break.

Ok, my backpack is calling my name and my hiking boots are itching to get going. Enough typing for now so I will go see what adventure I can find since I have the afternoon off.

See you back here next Wednesday!

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