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Visit a State Fish Hatchery

(Photos by Robert Loewendick)

Want to see where the fish come from that you catch and/or seek? The Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Wildlife is hosting open houses at each six state fish hatcheries, providing visitors a behind the scenes look at how, why and where Ohio's sport fish come from.

Photo by Robert Loewendick
One of Ohio’s six State fish hatcheries

In 2022, 52 million fish were raised in the state's hatcheries and released around the state's waters. Hatchery staff will be on hand at each open house giving tours of the hatchery and its operations. A first-hand look at the stages of the life of a stocked fish raising, from egg to fry stage, to being released in the rearing ponds and raceways (concrete troughs).

Fry (baby fish) observed at a state fish hatchery

Stocking is necessary in Ohio where natural reproduction is not possible for hybrids, or when natural production of non-hybrids (rainbow trout, yellow perch, blue catfish) are insufficient. Because of the successful results of the state fish hatcheries, Ohio's inland waters provide anglers diverse opportunities to pursue and catch various fish species.

Tank used in the early stages of fish raising

Hatchery open houses are scheduled from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at each location:

  • Saturday, March 25: St. Marys State Fish Hatchery, 01735 Feeder Rd, St. Marys, 45885

  • Saturday, April 1: Hebron State Fish Hatchery, 10517 Canal Rd SE, Hebron, 43025

  • Saturday, April 1: Senecaville State Fish Hatchery, 57199 Senecaville Dam Rd, Senecaville, 43780

  • Saturday, April 15: Castalia State Fish Hatchery, 7018 Homegardner Rd, Castalia, 44824

  • Saturday, April 15: Kincaid State Fish Hatchery, 7487 St. Rt. 124, Latham, 45646

  • Saturday, May 6: London State Fish Hatchery, 2570 Roberts Mill Rd, London, 43140

New raceways for fish nearing release size and age

Fish rearing ponds at St Mary's State Fish Hatchery in northwest Ohio

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